Would you like to have a beautiful yard without the risks associated with using chemical based fertilizer and herbicide?

Red Fox Organics offers an organic lawn and garden fertilization service that will increase drought tolerance and deter pests without the use of commonly sold chemical products. Our organic line of products offer fast results with long term benefits to the health of your lawn and  gardens. Our approach focuses on increasing your soil’s active biology. We specialize in liquid compost extract and compost tea. We have an application schedule to help you attain beautiful results and meet the demands of your lawn & garden.

Using safe and natural alternatives to the highly marketed and used “weed and feeds”, we can restore the health of your lawn at an affordable price, and give you  the peace of mind knowing your family and pets are not being exposed to harmful chemicals. All products are derived from the land & sea and will not leave behind any foul odors.

Tired of invasive weeds and pest problems? We can help choke them out with quick corrective action!

We will spot treat for fire ants and problem insects with all-natural alternatives to some of the products being sold by other companies. Fire-ants, Fleas, Cinch Bugs, Grubs, and other problem insects can be controlled effectively with all-natural methods.

 100% All natural and safe for the entire family! Our products meet OMRI standards.

Long term exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticide has shown to cause a increase in many health issues. Red Fox Organics is the healthy solution to your fertilization needs.
There is no need to buy the products sold in the big-box stores to get great results. We will provide the know-how, and you can sit back and enjoy the results.

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Austin, Bastrop, Cedar Park, and Surrounding Areas

Red Fox Organics offers experience and resources to help you get going in the right direction.

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