Would you like to increase crop yields, drought resistance, and production?

Chemical fertilizers and herbicides after several applications will harm the soils microbial life, and flora. This leads to more weeds, more erosion, hard-pan, and pests. This can be referred to as a broken “soil food web”. Our application plans rebuild this broken system back to a functional medium for vigorous growth.

Using high quality organic based ingredients, meeting OMRI standards, we can assure a healthy environment for your food production systems.

Do you want to produce nutrient dense food? We can help with soil testing!

We recommend and offer soil testing services to gather data on the foundation of your system. We use the best soil lab in the state, and can provide a plan to correct any imbalances in your soil profile. Our all-natural methods are guaranteed to increase your soil biology and will build healthier root systems, facilitate accelerated growth, re-mineralization,  and increase the nutritional content of your food plots and pastures. There is simply no need to spend your time and money on counter-productive methods that are conventionally used. Our compost tea extracts and organic amendments will get soil biology and mineralization moving in the right direction.

Red Fox Organics offers compost teas & extracts brewed with quality ingredients, using powerful bio-dynamic preparations, which is basically homeopathic garden treatments. This approach will yield visible results (usually within 7-14 days) by rebuilding and revitalizing the soils microbial life, promoting drought resistant food plots, orchards, and pastures.  (A must for Texas! and zones 8-9)

 100% organic and safe

Long term exposure to chemical fertilizers and pesticide has shown to cause a increase in many health issues. Red Fox Organics is the healthy solution to your fertilization needs. We conduct soil tests complete with lab analysis and remediate based on the results.

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Make the change towards a healthier future, and produce nutrient dense food!

Red Fox Organics offers experience and resources to help you get going in the right direction.

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Bio-Intensive spacing in bed.